Monday, June 9, 2014

Evaporative Cooler Parts to Keep Your Cool

       If you own an evaporative cooler (also referred to a swamp cooler) you know that there are certain things that need to be done in order for it to run properly.  Depending on the model you have, you have to change the cooler pads every six months or so.  You also have to make sure the water in maintained properly so that the air that is blown out from it doesn’t become contaminated or smell moldy.  There are a number of other things that need to be done to keep the cooler up and running.  Even if you work hard to make sure all these things are done, nothing in the industry lasts forever.

       Like a vehicle, household appliance, and other things, certain components of an evaporative cooler will wear out and need to be replaced.  In the majority of these cases, buying a cooler part and replacing it will be more cost efficient than buying an entirely new unit.  With the use of water will come the corroding of different parts that will need to be replaced.  Though they will last for many years, the float valve and the actual ball float can become damaged and need to be replaced.  If you live in a climate where you experience the four seasons and particularly where it gets cold enough for water lines to freeze, you may have to fix the line that supplies water to your cooler.

       Just like comparable appliances, a swamp cooler requires a motor and other moving parts for it to function the way it should.  After years of use the motor may wear down and will need to be replaced.  Cooler use belts, some like the ones found in the engines of cars, and these belts also will wear down until they break and need to be replaced.  In some areas the water that is being used to supply the cooler may contain sediment and other objects that will require filtering.  Replacing the filter as specified is also crucial to the function of the unit.  All other air conditioning units will have parts and pieces that need to be replaced also, the main difference is that swamp coolers are more efficient to run.  So if you live in an area that is ideal for this type of cooler, it will probably be your best option for cooling your own.

       Whether you just need parts for the regular maintenance (such as cooler pads) of your cooling system or you need to replace parts for your cooler to work at all, it is good to have a source where you can buy these parts (click on the image to be directed to the site).  Having a place that offers a good selection of universal parts and all sizes of cooler pads will help you to maintain your system.  You will also be able to find the replacement parts that you need when your cooler has broken down and needs to be fixed.  Go with the more economic choice and use an evaporative cooler!

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