Thursday, June 12, 2014

Securing Pipe With Pipe Hangers

            Even if you know only a little bit about plumbing, you probably are aware that in order for it to work, there are a lot of different pipes that need to be installed.  Some of the pipes supply water to different parts of your home, while other pipes drain the water once it has been used to wash dishes, take showers/baths, doing laundry, etc.  Do these pipes just stay in place once they are installed and ready to be used?  In most applications this is not the case, something has to hold the pipe in place.

            There are many different types of pipe hangers and other materials that are used to secure pipe into place.  Depending on what kind of pipe you are dealing with will determine what type of hanger or other part you will use to secure that pipe.  For smaller pipe-about 1/8” to 2” (some even go up to 4”)-there are parts that are called one hole or two hole straps.  These are designed to fit over the pipe that needs to be held in place and they have either one or two holes on the base of the strap that be secured using a screw or special type of nail.  These “straps” are made from metal, such as galvanized or copper, and is used to secure gas, water, and other lines to the walls in the home.

            When dealing with larger pipe that will be hanging from the ceiling in a basement or more commonly in a commercial building, a clevis hanger will be used.  A clevis hanger has somewhat of an oval shape and sort of looks like a stirrup on the horse’s saddle.  The pipe rests on the “u” shape of the hanger and the top is secured to the ceiling using a rod with threads and lock nuts.  This gives it the option of being adjusted, if needed, to make the pipe more level in different places.  This type of hanger can hold pipe up to around 6” you just need to make sure that you get the correct size for the supply house.  These hangers are made of metal and come in galvanized, copper, and black steel.

            For larger piping or when there is a lot of piping running in the same direction, the use of plumber’s tape is helpful.  Despite its name, this product is not an adhesive tape, but it does come in rolls.  It comes in rolls copper, galvanized, or plastic.  Plumber’s Tape is a strip, like tape, but it has holes punched in it (that are close together).  It can be wrapped around the surface of pipe that it will be holding into place and cut to the specific length that the pipe needs.  It is then secured using a screw.
            There are number of other different straps available, such as the tube talon that is used to secure pex to the wall.  These hangers are made of plastic and come with a nail that secures it to the wall.  To find these and other products to hang pipe, visit

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