Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love Our Toyota Camry XLE!

            Growing up and gaining independence has many milestones.  One of the most satisfying independence gaining experience is that of owning a car.  The first car that I paid off was a 2001 Toyota Corolla.  It was a great car for a college student, like I was at the time, but as the years went by and my family started to grow, I realized it may not be the best vehicle of choice.  I first got married and some years later we were expecting our first baby.  The months flew by and our baby arrived in a hot summer month!  The interior of the car was black, making it that much hotter, and when we put the car seat in the back seat we had to twist it the right way to get it in the seat base.  This was pretty annoying at times, but for our baby, it was worth it.

            My wife and I discussed it and we decided that we needed to get a different vehicle.  Since we only had one child at the time, we didn’t want to buy a mini-van so we started looking for a bigger car.  For months we searched and searched.  Finally we decided we just needed to take a weekend and go car shopping.  We found some online at dealerships and from private parties.  One that we saw was a Camry XLE that had wood paneling in it.  The pictures looked ugly but we decided to look at it anyway.  That was our first stop and then we went to two dealerships.  We knew it was the one, and for the best price!  It had much more room-making it more comfortable, ran quietly, and drove smoothly.  It has been great!  

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